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Can blended retirement solutions become the norm?  Annuity or Drawdown?Billy Burrows03/09/2015
Merger of Just Retirement and Partnership  Innovation is the key to successBilly Burrows11/08/2015
It's time to be smarter about advice  Don't dumb down advice - be smarterBilly Burrows30/06/2015
Invisible Force  The sands have shifted since the pensions freedoms were announcedBilly Burrows23/04/2015
Thought leadership
Get your copy of - The case for annuities  The case for annuitiesBilly Burrows16/04/2015
Billy Burrows publishes - The case for annuities  Read the press releasePartnership16/04/2015
The role of unit-linked guarantees  Discuss the 'risk dilemma' and role of ULGs Billy Burrows01/01/2015
The Retirement Advice Survival Guide’  A practical guide to the advice processBilly Burrows10/01/2014
Annuity Tipping Point  The case for investment linked annuitiesBilly Burrows01/01/2014
A well-planned retirement  Written in 2012 so now a bit datedBilly Burrows01/01/2012
Money Marketing
Good in theory; bad in practice. The devil is in the detail  The devil is the detail of cash for annuities plansBilly Burrows26/03/2015
Back to the drawing board   It is no longer the case small pensions purchase annuities and bigger funds go into drawdownBilly Burrows02/03/2015
Rising from the ashes:  Will annuities recover from Osborne's Budget bombshell?Billy Burrows26/02/2015
Time to put advisers on front line for pension freedoms  Billy Burrows writes in Money MarketingBilly Burrows03/02/2015
Optimum risk balancing  Why do most people take tool little risk ot too much risk?Billy Burrows03/02/2015
Report: Guaranteed drawdown key to post-Budget demands  How ULGs should play a role in retirement planningBilly Burrows01/01/2015
A victory for common sense  The end of 55% tax on lum sum death benefitsBilly Borrows18/12/2014
Politicians risk peddling toxic annuity myths  Its time to stop tinkering with the new rulesBilly Burrows24/10/2014
Drawdown is now viable alternative for mass market  Drawdown is now viable alternative for mass marketBilly Burrows10/08/2014
Financial Adviser
Annuity redux  The future for annuitiesBilly Burrows26/01/2015
Annuity vs annuitisation  The case for annuitisation is still as strong as everBilly Burrows01/06/2014
National media
An annuity isn’t a drag, don’t raid your pot   The case for anuitiesBilly Burrows - FT Financial Adviser24/06/2015
Newsletter 30 March  Annuity buy backs and annuity updateBilly Burrows30/03/2015
Interview with Helen Morrissey  Interview with Helen MorrisseyHelen Morrissey07/01/2014
Savers face 'outrageous' fees to pay more into old pensions  Savers who try to pay more money into old pension plans are being hit with new, "Seventies-style" rip-off charges, The Telegraph can disclose Dan Hyde - Telraph27/06/2015
Savers to be told if their annuity is a rip-off  Warning letters for customers to show when an annuity is poor value - and where to get a better deal Dan Hyde25/03/2015
Money makeover - Telegraph  I'm 44, terminally ill and unable to work. How should I invest £300,000?Billy Burrows09/03/2015
Who will still need to buy an annuity?  From April fewer annuities are likely to be sold. Emma Simon 03/03/2015
Beware the tax sting when you take your pension cash  Article in the the TelegraphBilly Burrows26/01/2015
Technical papers
Nuts and bolts of the pensions revolution  Top tips for reirementBilly Burrows in FT02/01/2015
Enhanced annuities  Written for the Insitute of ActuariesBilly Burrows04/04/2013
Capacity for loss  Capacity for loss guideBilly Burrows / Met Life02/01/2013
Longevity annuities  Written for Money ManagementBilly Burrows01/09/2010
Slides for AXA adviser workshops  The "Skills of the trade"Billy Burrows09/02/2015
Share radio  Listen to my radio interview on Share RadioShare Radio20/03/2015
Video on drawdown  What role will drawdown play?Panel16/03/2015
Transcript of roundtable  For Retirement PlannerBilly Burrows01/09/2014
Roundtable discussion  Rountable discussing 'empty nesters'Billy Burrows01/09/2014