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Latest Gilt Yields

The chart belows plots the daily 15 year gilt yield*

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*The yields are taken daily from the Financial Times - Gilts - UK FTSE Actuaries Indices (over 15 years). In general terms if yields are falling the annuity trend will be downwards and if yields are rising the trend maybe upwards. The relationship between gilt yields is complex and it dosn't necessarily follow that annuities and yields move in the same direction or at the same time.

Latest Changes from the annuity providers

RefLast rate
97522/08/14PrudentialPrudential - rates go downPE1 1XS2
97621/08/14Canada LifeCanada decrease annuity ratesPE1 1XS2
97721/08/14AvivaAviva - small cutPE1 1XS2
97819/08/14Hodge LifeHodge decreases rates PE1 1XS2
97113/08/14Legal & GeneralL & G cuts ratesPE1 1XS2
97008/08/14PrudentialPrudential - rates go downPE1 1XS9
96907/08/14Canada LifeCanada decrease annuity ratesPE1 1XS9
96625/07/14Legal & GeneralL & G - small increasePE1 1XS9
96517/07/14Canada LifeCanada decrease annuity ratesPE1 1XS9
96004/07/14AvivaAviva - small cutPE1 1XS9
96827/06/14Hodge LifeHodge increases rates PE1 1XS9
95918/06/14Aviva Aviva full set PE1 1XS9
92610/03/14Hodge LifeHodge increases ratesPE1 1XS9
75621/11/12AEGONAegon - move to Gender Neutral-9
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Annuity News
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