Billy Burrows


billy burrows  

Billy Burrows

I have advised clients on all aspects of annuities and pension drawdown for over 20 years but now no longer give financial advice.

I also spend my time consulting and commentating on the more serious and technical aspects of annuities.


My interest in annuities goes back to 1993 when I helped establish Annuity Direct. In 1997 I set up William Burrows Annuities, and a year later I was asked to join Prudential Annuities as their marketing director for annuities. In 2001 I returned to running William Burrows Annuities again. In 2010 William Burrows Annuities was incorporated with Better Retirement Group Ltd to provide clients with a wider range of financial services.

Other interests

I am also a director of the Retirement Academy which provides consultancy services to insurance companies on new product development, marketing and strategy.

I am frequently quoted in the national press and appear on radio, podcasts and videos. I also write extensively on annuities and have articles published in the national newspapers, industry publications and on well-known websites.

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