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Why you need advice

Why financial advice is so important

All financial advice is important and advice at retirement is extremely important. Get good advice and your personal finances will be in good shape and you can look forward to a financially secure retirement with peace of mind and security.

However, if you don’t take financial advice and make your own decisions you run the risk of making some serious mistakes which could result in a less financially secure retirment with lots of worry and anxiety.

Financial advice is more than just making sure your finances are in good shape, it is also about making sure you have don’t have to worry about money matters so you can enjoy your life. Money matters may seem boring and complex, but if your personal finances are in good order it will be so much easier to enjoy the rest of your life.

Why you need financial advice

A good adviser will ensure you make the most of your savings and investments.

You may be tempted to make your own decisions but you run the risk of making serious mistakes and losing lots of money.

There are many reasons why you need to speak to a specialist adviser at Better Retirement:

  • There is a lot at stake so you shouldn't gamble with your personal finances
  • Be serious - free advice, or no-advice is not enough
  • It’s more complex that it seems and it easy to make mistakes
  • It’s difficult to make the right investment decisions
  • You can’t always trust your own instincts
  • Sometimes you simply must take advice

You will be in safe hands with us. Better Retirement has been advising people about all aspects of personal and retirement planning for over 25 years. We are regularly asked by the national press and broadcasters such as the BBC to comment on financial matters.

There is a lot at stake

Money, pensions and savings are very important but it is more important you are happy and can afford to live a good life.

The combined value of your savings, investments and pension plans will probably be your largest financial asset, after the value of your house so you owe it yourself and your family to make the most of these important assets and get good financial advice.

Be serious

If you are serious about making the right decisions at retirement you should get expert advice. Although you can get free advice or you might be tempted to use a non-advised broker or investment platform, these services simply do not do enough to ensure you make the right decisions.

It’s more complex that it seems

It’s more complex that it seems and it easy to make mistakes.

Pension freedoms have transformed the way you can access your pension pots at retirement because you now have the control and flexibility to spend your pension pot as you want.

It easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can make the right retirement decisions without financial advice. But retirement advice is much more complex than you might think:

It’s difficult to make the right investment decisions

You may be tempted to make your own investment decisions but if you don’t have the expertise to make the right fund selection you may end much worse compared to getting financial advice.

If you need investment advice for your savings or investments, a good adviser will discuss your attitude to risk and longer-term objectives and then recommend a suitable strategy.

You can’t always trust your own instincts

You probably think you are sensible and can make rational decisions. But you may not realise that you are influenced by a number of behavioural biases which can result in poor decision making.

Poor numeracy skills and lack of understanding will have a negative influence on your decision making. A good adviser will help you overcome your behavioural biases.

Sometimes you simply must take advice

There are some areas of pensions where you must take advice.

If your pension has what are called ‘safeguarded benefits’ of more than £30,000 you must take financial advice before you can transfer them to a different pension or take them as a cash lump sum.

Advice doesn’t have to be expensive

Advice is not expensive if you consider how much added value you get from good advice. We are passionate about giving our clients the best possible advice and service. Our clients value and appreciate the advice we provide and understand that me must charge a reasonable fee for the work we do.

We work on the principle that the fee for our advice = our business costs + the value we add.

Types Financial Advice

There are lots of things you might need advice. See this page for information about the different areas of financial advice.

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