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I specialise in helping individual clients and professional advisers make better decisions and get better outcomes. This page is for individual clients - Financial advisers please go the Adviser zone

Three steps to a better retirement- (typical client journey and advice process)

Converting your pension pot into income and or cash involves making some very important financial decisions. I spent 20 over years advising clients from all walks of live on all aspects of retirement income and I am now using my unique experience to help people like you to get the right help / guidance / or advice. Read my thoughts on financial advice

Putting your toe in the water!

Testing the temperature!

Jumping in the deep end!

Explaining your options

I have written a free guide to your pension options that explains your options without any jargon

Showing you the numbers

You can use my tools & calculators to compare the income from annuity and drawdown options

Helping you decide

I can help you make the right decisions and invest in the best retirement plan for your circumstances.

Read more about the customer journey and the importance of financial advice

Visit the Marketplace - Compare & contrast retirement income plans and funds

Coming soon - a comprehensive database of retirement plans and services

Your next step

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I will be pleased to answer any of your questions about pension freedoms

I can recommend a trusted financial adviser If you are serious about your pension keep you up-to-date with your options

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